About Transfercar

Transfercar is an online relocation service that offers free use of rental cars to travellers. In return the travellers are helping the rental car industry to relocate their cars in a cheaper way than any current relocation alternative.

The idea behind Transfercar originates from the rental car industry where the car fleet moves in one direction according to the flow of tourist. This causes logistic problems for the car rental companies as their cars tend to pile up where it is not needed.

Transfercar provides an online solution that facilitates contact between vehicle owners that need to relocate their vehicle and potential relocations drivers. The owners can submit relocations to the Transfercar database through the website. The driver can then view and request to drive a relocation car using the website, SMS text messages or by email.

The solution offers real benefits to both vehicle owner and vehicle driver.

For the driver
  1. Easy to access relocation cars – do not have to contact several car rental companies to find a deal

  2. Free transport alternative

  3. Easy notification when preferred relocation opportunities occur 

How to request:

3 steps to using Transfercar