7 Stunning Wallet-Friendly Weekend Escapades from Johannesburg

Living in Johannesburg means leading a vivid lifestyle. This consists of both positive and negative elements. On the positive side, you’re living in one of the most propulsive African cities. There are more jobs, cultural events, and fun things to do than in other parts of South Africa. On the negative side, Johannesburg is becoming one of the busiest and noisiest cities in the world, so it’s beneficial for your mind and body to spend weekends outside the urban jungle. No matter if you’re a tourist who...Read More

Things That Make Durban a Must-Visit City

As the third-largest city and the busiest port in South Africa, Durban is joining Cape Town and Johannesburg as a popular travel destination in this part of Africa. What makes Durban an authentic place to visit, is the Asian atmosphere it has since this metropolitan city is home to the largest concentration of people of Indian origin outside of India. Apart from this, many things make Durban a desirable destination. With this in mind, why don’t you get a free campervan and set off to...Read More

South Africa: Memorable Road Trip Adventures

From the dusty outback of the Northern Cape and quaint small towns of the Western Cape, to bustling cities and the other-worldly boondocks of Mpumalanga, roads are the lifeblood of South Africa. They offer plenty of opportunities to explore the unknown and experience the very soul of this great country. Pack your luggage, gather your friends, rent a free car, compile an awesome playlist and let’s explore some fabulous road trips in South Africa. Cape Route 62 If delicious food, good wine, unusual...Read More

Things You Don’t Want to Miss When Visiting Cape Town

Colloquially named the Mother City, lively Cape Town is a genuine treat for tourists, offering a wide range of diverse attractions. Here’s our pick of the things to see and do in the legislative capitalof South Africa.  Long Street Casually browsing around stylish boutiques and vintage shops and lovely cafés on the Long Street is a common way of spending a cool afternoon in Cape Town. Its gorgeous Victorian buildings offer a cohesive mixture of traditional African crafts, hip bars and...Read More

Exploring the Magic of Australia’s Pink Lakes

The otherworldly scenery of a brightly pink lake surface adjacent to the deep blue of the Southern Ocean is one of the most underappreciated natural wonders Australia has to offer. There are a number of pink lakes scattered around Australian soil, but nowhere is the effect as dramatic as it is in Western Australia’s Golden Outback region, where the vibrant pink waters of Lake Hillier nearly adjoining the neighbouring ocean. As some of the most salt-rich surfaces in the world, Australian pink lakes aren’t...Read More

Best Places for Pure Outdoor Fun in New Zealand

There is no wrong time of the year to travel across and explore New Zealand, but the summer is when almost all options are open and you’re free to pick your favorite spot or activity without any limitations. The persistent sun and the booming nature simply beckon us to venture out and make good use of our limbs. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, sailing or surfing, New Zealand has us covered. Before you start packing for a summer road trip to remember, here’s a short list of our favorite NZ spots for...Read More
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