Things That Make Durban a Must-Visit City

As the third-largest city and the busiest port in South Africa, Durban is joining Cape Town and Johannesburg as a popular travel destination in this part of Africa. What makes Durban an authentic place to visit, is the Asian atmosphere it has since this metropolitan city is home to the largest concentration of people of Indian origin outside of India. Apart from this, many things make Durban a desirable destination. With this in mind, why don’t you get a free campervan and set off to discover another jewel in South Africa’s crown?


Owing to its favourable location in South Africa, Durban has a very pleasant climate which allows both tourists and locals to take a dip in the sea during all seasons, not just in summer, as is the case with Cape Town for example. As a result, Durban’s Golden Mile or The Mile, beachfront stretch with a long and wide promenade, is one of the most popular sights in the city. Both heaven for swimmers and surfers, The Mile is packed with international travellers in the summer, while most of the domestic ones decide to visit and engage in water sport activities in the winter. 

Lively neighbourhoods

Apart from the beaches, Durban offers some unique attractions all through its many neighbourhoods for everyone to enjoy. The foodies will be delighted to know that in the Rivertown District there is a night food market where you can taste some of the best local dishes, while during the day they can find some quirky places to eat in Leafy Glenwood. The night owls will find the majority of pubs, bars, and clubs in the more modern neighbourhood of Durban, Station Drive Precinct or in the Morningside.  

Victoria Street Market

In case you are interested in experiencing the Asian feel in Africa, then Victoria Street Market in Durban is the right place to visit. Located in Bertha Mkhize Street, this market is a true example of how the cultures of two different continents can combine and provide a unique and authentic atmosphere. Here you will find a wide variety of Indian spices, and North African jewellery and arts.


Another iconic landmark of Durban is Drakensberg. This escarpment stretches for over 1000 km from the south to the north. The greatest thing about this location is that it contains a wide and accessible plateau to admire the majestic landscape, while its peaks and slopes allow hiking only recommended to those experienced hikers in great physical shape since the conditions tend to become highly volatile at times. 

Walking tours

Organised walking tours are a great way to explore the city and discover all its wonderful sights and attractions. Like many other cities in the world, Durban also offers several walking tours for their visitors guided by professionals. Some of the most popular ones are the Historical Walking Tour, and the Oriental Walking Tour. The first one takes you to the city’s most historic buildings and museums along with the Farewell Square, and the City Hall so you can acquaint yourself with the historical heritage of Durban. The second tour contains some interesting places such as the Old Durban Station, food markets, and the Point. 


Given the beaches all year round, the warm and clear sea, and rich sea life, Durban is a great place for snorkelling all through the year. For the ultimate snorkelling experience, try Umdloti Pools, Salt Rock tidal pool or Thompsons’s on the north coast. Also, uShaka Beach and Vetch’s Pier are good for snorkelling and diving too. 

The Sardine Run of South Africa

This event takes place from May through July every year when billions of silver sardines start migrating from the cold waters of Aghulas Bank to warmer areas along the east coast of South Africa. Their migration triggers feeding frenzy when larger fish and birds notice the incredible amount of sardines available along the coastline. 


Durban had undergone serious renovations prior to the 2010 World Cup when a modern Moses Mabhida Stadium was built. Although it is one of the largest stadiums in South Africa, this is not why the tourists visit this stadium. The stadium offers the opportunity of 360º view of Durban from its skycar. It takes only 2 minutes to reach the top of the arch and enjoy the breathtaking view of the whole Durban.


This city has much to offer both in its centre and on its outskirts. To explore the nature around the city, don’t miss a chance to visit the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve, a sanctuary with abundant wildlife and numerous wetland species, the Beachwood Mangroves Reserve, home to three different species of mangroves and several unique animal species, and Hawaan Forest, to explore the forest on a dune. 

People’s Park

This is one of the favourite locations in town. Found below the stadium, this park is the ideal place to spend an afternoon with your children. While they are playing on the playground, you can relax and enjoy your coffee at the nearby café. 

These are the most authentic things that make Durban a must-visit city. Rent a free transfer car to fully enjoy the genuine Durban experience. 

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