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By Sam Stafford-Bush, 19/10/2019
By Craig Millar, 20/10/2019
By Geena Nicholls, 19/10/2019
By Thijs Spanjaard, 20/10/2019
By Laetitia Mara, 20/10/2019
TheVan I got was a bit bigger then I expected but after getting used to it. It was fun to drive 👍😊
By Annette Michna-Konigstorfer, 20/10/2019
I would have liked a large sign at the entrance, "Please have a seat and staff will come to you". Christchurch was very helpful but Auckland a little less so. All staff very busy and working hard.
By Richard Goodall, 19/10/2019
By Allen Horewood, 18/10/2019
Transfer car are very easy to work with. And have a fast turn around from pick up to drop off now long-standing in lines. Thanks for a great experience.
By Glenn Ennis, 19/10/2019
Just the communication , the company didn't send a message to me about the booking.
By Kevin Farrell, 19/10/2019
By Collette Payne, 18/10/2019
By DANIEL BROMLEY, 18/10/2019
Everything is good
By Shavinder Randhawa, 18/10/2019
My exp was fantastic !
By shanti freed, 18/10/2019
By Sreejith Das, 18/10/2019
By Myeonghwan Yeom, 18/10/2019
I have used your service before it was excellent but this time we had to pick up the vehicle from Atlas rent a car in Melbourne which was totally unprofessional on Saturday 19th Oct when I went there there was only a single person at the desk we had to wait around 15 mins to get to him seemed bit over worked and stressed, When checking the vehicle for scrapes and dents he told me that as I have made the insurance gap zeero not to waste time checking, when I was driving out I looked the Fuel guage which showed less than quarter tank, then I went back and informed them, another worker was requested to go an fill up and bring the vehicle I had to wait an addition 15-20 min , then when I drove off realized there was less air in the back right tire of the SUV- checked tyre pressure which read 14, the rest of the tyres were 44, 40, 36. Pumped air for my journey to Adelaide I had to pump air twice more on the right rear which kept going down and had to be re- pumped. Pls dont allocate Atlas vehicles from Melbourne
By yohan goonetilleke, 18/10/2019
By tapiwa mapuvire, 18/10/2019
By Natan Vianna, 17/10/2019
Very good, but not happy that Tasmanian Spirit cost of Ferry for motor van had to be paid by myself. Ferry not included,
By Dr Hendrik Bekker, 18/10/2019