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By Ian Little, 17/08/2019
The attitude of the person at the drop point 40 French st Eagle Farm very rude.
By Timothy Watson, 18/08/2019
By Jakub Trojanek, 17/08/2019
It went so smoothly to booking it via your website to picking it up at the rental car place. Was really awesome
By Tess Cole, 17/08/2019
By Robert Drage, 18/08/2019
By Greg Collier, 17/08/2019
A full tank of gas as a thank you from the company for a regular transfer car driver would be wonderful. Thanks! Rosemary Penwarden
By Rosemary Penwarden, 17/08/2019
By Deborah Bond, 16/08/2019
By Emily Kelsoe, 18/08/2019
Everything was all good.Really appreciated and would recommend to my friends
By Ghanshyam Singh, 16/08/2019
By Caolan Colgan, 17/08/2019
Ensure the expectation of type of car is met. I booked sedan/SUV or similar and got a 12 seater mini van!! Luckily we can drive these, but many might have a problem.
By david gatward-ferguson, 16/08/2019
By Brian Williams, 17/08/2019
By Robert Stuhlmann, 16/08/2019
no everything was perfect
By Eva Kraemer, 16/08/2019
The after sales customer service team is unhelpful and basically nonexistent. Unable to assist or resolve simple requests.
By Oscar Chen, 15/08/2019
No. It’s perfect the way it is. Please don’t change.
By Leo Samouris, 16/08/2019
By Peter Oberschneider, 15/08/2019
By Nicolas Rocha, 15/08/2019
No it worked well
By Mandy Groshinski, 16/08/2019